What you will learn on our hypnotherapy training course

  • How to convert virtually every person who calls you into a client

  • Why people should come to you for hypnotherapy rather than go elsewhere

  • To hypnotise people quickly and speedily! or slower if your prefer.

  • How to use suggestion effectively

  • Hypnoanalysis

  • The correct way to structure your hypnoanalysis sessions for clients

  • How to treat clients using direct suggestion alone.

  • A hypnotherapy method and framework so you can treat members of the public for almost any emotional or psychosomatic problem

  • How to present past life regressions

  • The correct method to produce your own relaxation and self help tapes and CDs to sell to your clients and members of the public at a profit.

  • Practice building.

  • To produce effective promotional material.

  • Where to and where not to advertise.

  • All this and more................



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Accredited The Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis Association (CTHA)

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