Past Life Regression Course - 1 and 2 Day Workshops

Elestial Training offer two different types of past life regression course and  workshops; a 1 day workshop for existing therapists with a working knowledge of hypnosis and a two day workshop for persons with no knowledge of hypnosis.


Delegates are taught about past life regression. This course teaches effective techniques used to facilitate the deep states of consciousness required to access past life memory.



There are any number of experiences from past lives that can negatively affect us in this life.
Someone who is scared of water may have drowned in a past life. A recent example is someone who came to me because his left hand had always been weak. under hypnosis he related how he had lost his left hand in a sword fight. Once he knew the reason why his hand had always been week it gradually gained strength. Another interesting recent case was a lady who suffered from frigidity. Under regression it turned out that her husband in a previous life had rejected her because she had been raped. Her husband in this lifetime, she believed was the same husband she had had before, and she was repaying him by being frigid. Once she became aware of this her frigidity vanished.

ossibly the greatest benefit of having regression is the evidence that it gives that we are all constantly changing and evolving. This can change our perspective on life and give a realisation of why we are what we are - and also of what we are supposed to be doing here.   (Richard Webster, Hypnotist)



As regressions can be done by other methods, why do we recommend hypnotism? Purely because it is the only method that can allow you to relive the important events of a past life. In regression using Numerology, for instance, you are made aware of the karmic factors in a previous lifetime, but you learn none of the specifics. For instance, you could not learn what kind of person your father was, or what your bedroom looked like. How well off you were, or many other pertinent questions. The same problems arise with most other forms of regression. I have personally been regressed by several methods, including hypnosis, crystals, astrology and massage, and have found hypnosis to be the most helpful for me. (Richard Webster, Hypnotist)


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