Distance Learning Hypnotherapy Training Diploma Course

Our "Professional Hypnotherapy Distance Learning course" is designed so maximum knowledge is passed onto home study students, who are then able to set up and enter into professional hypnotherapy practice upon completing and passing the written examination paper. 

On successfully passing the final written examination. Students will receive the Elestial Training istance Learning Diploma, and will  be invited to become a member of the Clinical and
Therapeutic Hypnosis Association

Hypnotherapy Distance Learning Diploma Course Summary

This distance learning course is designed a foundation course in hypnotherapy and takes the student from the history of hypnosis to present day uses of hypnosis.

This course will teach the distance learning student how to induce hypnosis, the use of induction and deepners and how to bring your client to full awareness as well as the uses of hypno-analysis in the clinical environment. 

How hypnotherapy can we used in a wide range of conditions, to relieve fears and phobias or any ailment that has an emotional content and use, of hypnotherapy scripts is also included. 

The intended outcome of this course of study is is that after successfully completing this distance learning course, the student should be able to start their own hypnotherapy practice with a firm foundation of basic knowledge.


Who should take this course?

 This is a stand alone hypnotherapy course is suitable for anyone who wishes to who wish to obtain  basic competence as a hypnotherapist.

 No previous experience is required as the course covers the appropriate basics.

 Practitioners of other therapies will find the course very useful as it adds another effective treatment technique to their existing practice.

 Subjects included in the Course:

  • Introduction to Hypnosis
  • The Hypnotic State
  • Hypnotic Induction and Deepening
  • Some Basic Applied Psychology
  • Methods and procedures
  • Examples of Induction, deepening, and release from hypnosis
  • Applying Therapeutic Suggestion, and Suggestion Therapy Generally
  • Using memory recall - a simple form of hypnoanalysis
  • Practising Hypnotherapy


Include In Your Distance Learning Course Fees:

 Course Literature (Four Levels):

Treatment Strategies Literature

7 Audio CD's with relevant information

Training DVD (containing therapy sessions with REAL CLIENTS)

Training DVD Guide

Distance Learning Guide

3 Assignments

Final Written Examination

All course manuals on CD-Rom  Price £250.00

All course manual - Printed Version Price £450.00

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