Raymond Roberts - Course Tutor

" My task is to encourage and support you and to act as your mentor throughout the course and after"

 A professional consultant hypnotherapist, with over 25 years experience.  A member of the International Hypnosis Organisation (I.H.O).   Founder member of the Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis Association (F.M.C.T.H.A) and an instructor with and a Director of Elestial Training.


 TV. and Media Worldwide have covered his unique approach for the reduction of stress.  He has also presented "Past Life" regressions on numerous radio broadcasts.


How did Raymond Roberts become involved in hypnosis?

 "I discovered the therapeutic value  of hypnosis at the age of 18 whilst visiting my Dentist.  The dentist used hypnosis with me  to allow me to feel more relaxed and at ease during my treatment.  This impressed me so much that since that day in 1980 hypnotism, hypnosis and hypnotherapy became my life's work, developing my own "rapid" high speed methods of inducing hypnosis designed to guide a person into the deepest state of hypnosis known as somnambulism within 1 to 2 minutes.  These techniques I will demonstrate and teach you in the practical hypnotherapy training course".

Raymond Roberts  on BBC Wales News - Creator of Parrot Therapy

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Accredited The Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis Association (CTHA)

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